Meet Our Artists



Kehinde Adegbiyi also is known as Adenike is a Nigerian Afropop artist based in the UK. Doing music has always been a passion and to finally be able to start her career in 2019 with her first single ‘Ride” Adenike is excited to release more songs and expand her brand and Represent other female Afro acts living in Europe.

Asked why she loves doing music she said “ I enjoy it, it helps build my confidence and the more I continue the more I discover the different things I can achieve with my voice” her music is influenced by her emotions, mood and experience as she makes her journey through life.

Adenike music is all about good vibes and positive energy she wants to use the power of music to connect to the masses and ease stress.

Barucha Offical


South London based singer-songwriter Barucha Official brings a new breath of fresh air to RNB with her melodic sensual tone of music based on her life experience.

Coming from a GHANIAN background and singing in church music is something that’s always been a part of her and to finally be able to express herself and emotion is what drives her to keep making music.

Ashleigh Bankx


Ashleigh Mutandwa known by her stage name Ashleigh Bankx is a Zimbabwe born Soul ( twist of RnB) singer who currently based in Luton. Writing music has always been a passion for Ashleigh Banks and being able to perform her own music is what she strives for as an Artist.

Ashleigh Bankx was introduced to the music industry as a model, before having the opportunity to express her writing talent. She used her opportunity to gain experience and network which helped her to land roles in notable music videos including various small Gigs along the way.

Influenced by Lauryn Hill, Amy Whine house and Whitney Houston to name a few Ashleigh Bankx loves to reflect about her love life, family life, social issues and relationships in her music. When asked to describe everything in one sentence she said: “ Love hasn’t been good to me but has helped me to understand how much of a strong woman I am which helps me to express my emotions”.